123 Main Street, New York, NY 10001

Social Responsibility

At Stryke, we build and develop the communities in which we deliver projects.

From developing playgrounds to giving back to local food banks, our projects have an impact beyond the four corners of our properties, they extend to the homes and businesses within the community.

In addition to this, Stryke has a goal of contributing beyond our borders, and we are committed to taking our good fortune to other countries, so stay tuned for more on this, in the coming months.

Building Sustainable Communities

At Stryke, building meaningful connections and harnessing our collective strengths is at the core of what we do, striving to create a sustainable impact in and alongside communities. Each initiative is a joint venture, carefully designed with community voices to ensure it resonates with and serves their specific needs. Our mission is to go beyond temporary solutions, aiming instead for lasting improvements that community members can proudly maintain and build upon. This collaborative effort fosters a sense of shared achievement and lays a solid foundation for a flourishing future, a testament to the power of our shared vision on sustainability.

Giving Back